July Sunset

Happy July! How can it be that this summer is going so fast? I was driving home from a pre-fourth of July picnic and this sunset was just awe-inspiring. I had to stop and take some pictures. 

God bless you! Have a happy and safe holiday!


Orange Sky

More Orange Glow Dusk Siesta Key

I’m back from Siesta Key Florida. What a great time I had! We were lucky and had beautiful weather all week. Now at home, I’m grateful that our southwest corner of Pennsylvania missed a giant snowstorm. The photo above was taken on our last night, just as the sun was going down over the horizon. The orange sky was magnificent.

Here are two of my other favorite shots from the last night.

Blue Dragon

Blue Dusk

There is nothing like a Florida beach.¬†What’s your favorite beach?


Beach Sky

I’m leaving for Siesta Key Florida next Saturday and I can’t wait! What is it about the beach that captures us? Is it the calm? The rhythmic sound of the waves? Whatever it is I can’t wait to see and hear it again. I took these photos in Nantucket when I visited there last fall. Nothing better than a beach sky. Read more at http://katherinesdaughter.com/lifes-a-nantucket-beach/.